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Lullington Park Cricket Club
Closing date December 31st 2014

We have launched a “buy a brick” campaign to raise cash to meet the costs of upgrading our existing scoreboard – the idea would be to build a display wall of these bricks under each of the scoreboards, or if demand was such that more space was required to build them into a wall to the front of the pavilion, replacing the existing wooden railings which are showing signs of wear and which again will need replacement in the short, mid-term.
The cost of a brick is £50 and it can be engraved according to the requirements of the purchaser – there is room on each brick for two lines of lettering engraved in black, each with a maximum of 16 characters.
To order a brick, please either e-mail or contact Paul Eaton - or Dave Fern - 

To ensure accuracy, we need engraving instructions in writing.

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