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Lullington Park Cricket Club
We welcome your support both in the Park and importantly financially and we have launched a raft of sponsorship and advertising packages that will help finance our constant desire to improve both playing standards, player development and facilities at out two grounds and importantly at the same time reward the sponsor with value for money.
The opportunities range from simple match-ball sponsorship costing as little as £50 through to full title sponsorship of the club – details can be found below.
If you are interested or would like any more information on the below information please email 


Type of Sponsorship

Entitlements and benefits


Match-ball sponsor

·        Watch your chosen match with a guest and then take tea with the teams

·        Support is reported on LPCC’s various media – website, facebook, twitter, rolling TV screen in pavilion, press reports  etc.


Match-day sponsor

·        Adds to the value of the match-ball sponsor package by being joined by three guests for tea with the team

·        As above plus:-

·        Have a photograph taken with the team for supply to local media and making a man of the match award


Sponsor a junior team (for a season)

·        Sponsor invited to attend matches

·        Have access to five e-mail shots to LPCC members/social media outlets across the year

·        As above plus:

·        Make presentations to award winners at the end of season function

·        Marketing access to a dedicated membership list

£150 to £275


·        Display advertising board on the perimeter fence of the grounds (positions viewable from the clubhouse and/or car park)

·        Costing £275 in first year (to include manufacture) and £150 in subsequent years

·        Have access to five e-mail shots to LPCC members/social media outlets across the year

·        Photo opportunity to show support

·        Marketing access to a dedicated membership list


Packages from

Options include

·        Comprising any two of the lower level packages

·        The ability to use the club’s facilities and grounds for a conference and or business promotion

·        To play an inter-company match or play a social game against the club

·        Option to introduce a discount card to LPCC members allied to sponsor’s business.

·        Promotion of sponsors’ business in the club-house

·        Large banner advert on LPCC’s web-site together with profile of the company and hyper-link sponsors own web-site

·        Invitation to attend the club’s annual presentation evening