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Lullington Park Cricket Club

Thank you to our existing sponsors, if you would like to be involved in Lullington Park Cricket Club please get in touch. We will be adding new sponsorship opportunities before the start of the season.





Alan Gough Joinery



Asbestos Inspection Services Ltd


01827 62392

CW Fasteners                                                             



01827 54448

Eaton Car Company

01283 769999

Hayward Transport            

F. W. Rowe & Sons

01827 62205

Forge Garage, Lullington 

01827 373 573

Greenhatch Group 



Mainline Energy

O'Neil roofing & building


01827 383333

Reynolds & Fern decorators


01283 763559

Fearn's Garage Albert Village 

01283 217883

Toons Furnishing Superstore

01283 214 729

White Lion, Harlaston

01827 383691

Colvile Arms, Lullington

Junior Team Sponsors

Greenhatch Group, White Lion, Harlaston, Regency Products Ltd, Dave Fern & Partner

Match Ball Sponsors

Name Website Number
Beehive Leisure Ltd 01283 763 981
M J Farrell Bulders
Cooper Bros 01283 511602
Chapmans Nursery
01283 716755
Dave Fern & Partner Press and PR

F. W. Rowe & Sons 01827 62205
Mr and Mrs K Hetherington

First Choice Food Service   
CW Fasteners - David Whitehead

01827 54448
John Edwards    
R Massey & Son Ltd 01283 226414
John and Mary Cliffe    
Robert Butler Associates
01827 57077
Rushton & Hickman 01283 517747
Top Gear 01283 20 88 33

Pat and Beryl Burrows
David Gaunt